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Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken me so long to publish another post. COVID has become bigger than anything else, and we've been shifting a lot of our 2020 plans over at Ânimo.

A lot of people are struggling with anxiety so we've decided to give away all of our workout content for free for at least a month. I've also added meditation, breathing exercises, stretching and full body workouts to the mix.
Available on iPhone and Android

Request full access for free by emailing me at suporte@queroanimo.com

Feel free to spread the word. I want to help as many people as possible stay sane and healthy.

Now, onwards to the newsletter…

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The world reacting to COVID:

Collection of Facebook's efforts regarding COVID19

Interesting to see how many fronts have to be addressed when you're the leading social network, chat, ad platform…Hint: It's not just uptime, but also keeping state actors and fake news at bay. Whatsapp's end-to-end encryption makes it extra difficult to monitor and curb fake news.

Network traffic spiking

All of a sudden we've shifted the behaviour of billions of people around the world. Traffic is up 25-50% in some countries and mobile traffic has plummeted (we're all on Wifi). Those predictable network spikes in the evening are gone, replaced by a homogenous increase across time zones. Think smaller waves and the tide coming up. Naturally this stress tests critical bandwidth infrastructure. Netflix, YouTube and Brazil's Globo have agreed to reduce video quality in order to free up bandwidth. Interesting to see different countries asking for different implementations.

Product (no COVID here):

Growth in turbulent times

I at first thought this was going to be a tech view on Nassim Taleb's AntiFragile, turns out it will be something of a digital conference. Worth keeping an eye, the Reforge guys have pushed consistently great content for years.

Delight Customers in a Margin Enhancing Way

Pretty cool summary of Netflix's product history. If you're familiar with their attempt at baking social into streaming, feel free to scroll down to Gibson's 3 rules. Rome wasn't built in a day 😉

A lot of product teams are scrambling to reassess and prioritize their roadmaps. If you'd like to bounce around ideas with me, or ask something to the newsletter's community feel free to reply/DM me. Let's help each other break through this.

Stay safe,


Closing quote:

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