Pivoting: Lessons learned

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I've made some interesting learnings over the past months and I'm excited to share them with you. We've successfully pivoted Ânimo from a purely digital to an online-to-offline model.

Turns out pivoting in one shape or another is inevitable. Successful companies do slow and gentle pivots over time as the market demands change and evolve. Early stage startups are forced to learn how to pivot quickly and ruthlessly as they deepen their understanding of the problem and iterate on solutions.

I hope to share some best practices so you can pivot as gracefully as possible.

Pivoting means choosing what to anchor on and letting the rest change.

Pivots will always be harder than you expect.

Expect (and allow) pivots to be messy and even draining. Pivots force us to deal with sunk costs and reassess our "truths”. Depending on the intensity of the pivot you'll be surrendering expected cashflow, rebuilding and questioning every product decision all while managing team morale.

Make it clear that the pivot is a positive experience, not a failure.

Understand that a pivot is in fact a change in future opportunities. As a product leader take a brief pause, reassess your learnings and change your course accordingly.

Organize a celebratory lunch and remind your teammates how much you've learned together. It only feels gloomy if you allow it to. At Ânimo, we molded the new product as a team and welcomed it eagerly.

The team is your anchor and possibly your shortest runway.

Some very dramatic pivots work because the team was the anchor. You and your team united over a common theme and a love for the problem you're solving. Even with a million dollars in the bank acknowledge that there's a limit to how many pivots your team can go through.

Be careful with repurposing old tech

You've built a lot and there will be attempts to salvage some of the infrastructure. Look at this an opportunity to restart your tech(-debt), would you build everything the same way again? Tech architecture shifts greatly over time and may no longer be the most efficient tool.

Fully commit to your pivot

Feel free to MVP your way into the pivot, but once it's been decided make a firm commitment to stick to your new beliefs. Partial pivots are a sign of strategic indecisiveness or worse: lack of team alignment

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